Managing Coasts

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  • Managing Coasts
    • Hard Engineering methods
      • RIP RAP (rock armour) - Advantages: cheap/easy to maintain Disadvantage: intrusive/ dangerous.
      • GROYNES - Advantages: beach protects land/tourist attraction Disadvantage: starve beach further down/ unattractive.
      • SEA WALLS - Advantages: effective/have promenade Disadvantage: reflect wave energy/ expensive.
    • Soft Engineering methods
      • BEACH NOURISHMENT - Advantages: cheap/natural-looking/ tourism potential Disadvantage: needs constant maintenance.
      • DUNE STABILISING - Advantages: important for wildlife/cheap/sustainable Disadvantage: time consuming to plant.
      • MARSH CREATION - Advantages: cheap/creates natural defence/ wildlife Disadvantage: land is lost/farmers need to be compensated.
    • Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
      • Carried out  before coastal management project is started.
      • Costs are forecasted and then compared with expected benefits.
      • Tangible benefits and costs are when they can be given monetary values.
    • Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
      • Sections of the coast are being managed as a whole, due to sediment cells (actions in one place will affect another place).
      • The aim is to establish sustainable levels of economic and social activity.
      • ICZM brings together all those involved in development/ management.
    • Shoreline Management Plan (SMP)
      • Sets out the policy for managing the coastline and responding to erosion over the next 100 years.
      • Assesses potential erosion and flood risks and then identifies a correct management option.
      • OPTIONS
        • Hold the line: maintain current position.
        • Advance the line: extend coastline out to sea.
        • Strategic realignment: managing the retreating of the coastline.
        • No active intervention: allowing nature to impact.
    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
      • Decides whether environmental quality will improve or worsen as a result of different management options.


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