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Erosion- Weathering Coastal Transport

the wearing away of the land This is the breakdown of rocks INSITU. This This is the movement
ing agents such as the sea (in means that the rock structure is weakened by of material along a
se), rivers, wind, glaciers etc. elements of the…

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on - weak acids within the sea Biological - these processes involve living Solution - where
act with certain rocks types at things such as burrowing animals and plants rocks and minerals are
st and cause them to dissolve attacking rocks and weakening their structures. dissolved within the
this is…

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CAVES Arches Stacks

A cave is formed when waves exploit The breaking wave may trap air inside the The base of the arch is attack
weaknesses (such as joints, faults and cave. waves. The top of the arch is
bedding planes) in the cliff face. attacked by weathering proc

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Coastal Landforms of Deposition

Concordant and Discordant Coastlines

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Why some coasts need protecting

Methods of Protection

Hard Engineering Advantages Disadvantage
Sea Walls They provide strong Waves in storm conditions may break
protection to the land over them.
These are massive concrete structures which may immediately behind the
either be straight or curved (a 'bull-nose sea wall') wall. They…

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Soft Engineering

Sand Dunes Beach Replenishment. Managed Retreat

Sand dunes such as those at Studland Bay are an This is carried on The final response is to do nothing.
effective form of defense against storm waves. numerous beaches, the The costs of resisting the sea are
Studland is a very…

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need to protect the coast
but also the importance of
recreation and commerce
to coastal settlements

It provides a framework
for managing and
reconciling the various
groups that have an
interest in how the coastal
zone is managed

Types of Activities Attracted to Coastal Areas

Conflicts between Land Uses


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Shoreline Management Plans (SMP)


Mr A Gibson


The clue is in the title "complete" - a really well presented and attractive (you will want to read them!) set of notes. Use these to make your own notes from (add your own case studies) or just use them to read through. Great!

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