Section A - Theatre in Education


Question 1 Checklist part 1

Style non-naturalistic

Genre Theatre in Education (TIE)

Period modern day

Performance space black box studio

Staging end-on

Contribution actor, Lisa 15 and other characters (multirolling)

Dramatic objective showing the audience that paying attention could help to save a life even if its not your own or an acquaintance's

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Question 1 Checklist part 2

Target audience 14-18 year olds (around years 10-13)

Storylines texting whilst walking, texting whilst driving, getting into a strangers car

Props minimal - bottle and six cups

Costume minimal - black leggings, black top, tie (easier to move in and easily add on accesories)

Set minimal - two rostras, one higher one lower, chairs when we needed them for the scene

Technical elements minimum - lighting to help change the atmosphere

- sound to help distinguish location (popular music for the opening/party scene)

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