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Drama Revision

Styles of Drama
Naturalistic: The performance is as close to real life as possible.
Nonnaturalistic: The performance is more theatrical and tells the story using a variety of
techniques such as flashbacks direct address to the audience multiple roleplay.
Physical Theatre: This means the performance is literally more…

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Drama Revision

Narration: Telling the story directly to the audience either from within a character (narration
from within) or in the role of a narrator.
Monologue: A character has a fairly long speech that gives the audience a lot more
information about him/herself or the story. A monologue can give…

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Drama Revision

· Empathy: Being able to get inside the character to think and feel as they do.
· 7 Levels of Tension (Catatonic Cool Economic Alert Suspense Passionate Tragic): Each
character will have a usual level of tension but will also get more tense and more relaxed
depending on…

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Drama Revision

Drama AQA Exam Paper
Section A
Describe what the piece was about state the style, period and genre of the piece, the
performance space and any technical or design elements used and your target audience.
You should state whether your contribution was as actor, designer or technician.


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Drama Revision

For the performance, I developed a rude mean attitude which was needed for the bully and it made
the audience believe that I was not a student who achieved good grades in class but a student who
talks back at the teacher and doesn't bring books to class.…

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Drama Revision

Section C
Daisy Pulls it Off ­ Trixie
Voice: Effective, energetic
Consistency of the character ­ we believed her character because of her energy
Performance energised
Focused, e.g. leaning over, looking at the audience
Unspoken responses, e.g. biting her lips ­ worried/anxious, jumping up and down ­ excited,…




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