GCSE drama words

drama words that may be used.. with definitions.

hope this helps some people who may not know what sort of words to use in their drama exam.

if you need past questions, i do have a few if you want them just private message me :).. I only have questions for some plays and some sections of the drama exam!

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Improvisation: making it up as you go along, but you have some sort of story line that you follow.

Movement: the way in which you move to enhance the character

Devised: you have a stimulus that your drama piece is based on or based around.

Scripted: you have script to follow and you act it out following stage directions which is in the script.

Physical Theatre: using people to make objects.

Theatre in Education (T.I.E) a performance to try and get a message across (educational piece)

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Skills in drama

Facial Expression: a way to show mood/emotion by the face.

Body Language: using body to express mood/emotion.

Gesture: movements to show emotion e.g. hand to wave.

Tone of Voice: enhances the character accent or pitch

Levels: levels to show status within a group(standing is a higher status, sat it a lower status).

Posture/stance: how we stand and hold ourselves (tell, small, hunched over etc.)

Status:how high or low (not physically) your character is within your group.

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The exam - 2011

Section A - Practical work completed during the course is the devised piece (not scripted) and is normally set up into 4 seperate sections

Section B - Study and performanceof a scripted play is the scripted play which normally has 2 sections.

Drama does have a section C but i am not doing that section.

Section A - Approx. 10 minutes for each section

Section B - approx 20 minutes for each section

This can change to which drama exam you do, but this is for GCSE drama for AQA board.

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