Drama Written - Section A

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Use TIE in all questions in Section A

Question 1

For example, "Describe what the piece was about. State the style, period and genre of the piece, the performance space and any technical or design elements used and your target audience. You should state whether your contribution was as an actor, director or technician."

Style: Theatre in Education

Period: Present

Genre: Comedy

Performance space: Small drama studio

Contribution: Actor

Target Audience: Year 7s (11-12 year olds)

Just do what the question tells you to, this is the easy one.

Question 2

For example,  "Explain how you developed your creative ideas for this piece of practical work. Give at least one example of how you applied your skills as an actor, designer or technician in preparation…



whats TIE?


and whats WWW.HI


WWW.HI stands for: who, what, when, how, impact (on audience), and TIE is theatre in education :)


whats time organisation machine????

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