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On the 16th of March 2015, I did a performance in the genre of Theatre in Education (TiE). This was
a piece with the moral of "don't be a bystander" that was performed to younger students in my
school. I contributed to this performance as an actress and a codirector with the rest of my group.
This piece was performed in a threequarter theatre in the round. It was a take on Cinderella;
Prince Charming was having an affair with Dressella whilst Anastasia was the bystander and the
Fairygodfather was narrating. Our piece was in a nonnaturalistic style as the audience didn't
believe that "the land far away" was real but by setting it in the modern day, we made it relatable
through iPhones, "gossip" and social media. As well as this, we used multiple genres, comedy was
used to maintain the audience's attention and melodrama was used to add to the comedy in order
to overplay the fact that it was nonnaturalistic. We also used dramatic irony to exaggerate
Cinderella's obliviousness to the affair and further add to the comedy. For this piece, we didn't use
any sound effects as we did not want to overcomplicate the piece. For lighting, we used white LED
lights at a 70% intensity to keep a light `air' to the piece as using colour filters may have caused
the audience to have reacted in ways that may not have suited the piece. By doing this, we
allowed the audience to easily see everything going on on stage so that they could follow easily
without missing crucial information. We used simple staging for this piece to allow ease when
moving about on stage and eliminate the need to move chairs; there were two chairs next to each
other up stage left which were used for the stepsisters room, Cinderella's dressing room and the
fairygodfathers `view point'. There was also a chair centre stage right which was used for
Anastasia's (my) dressing room and the fairygodfathers narration point. By using all of the chairs
multiple times, we were able to use everything to our advantage and to its full; without moving
chairs we were able to remain in character whilst on stage.
One skill that I used for this piece was freeze frames. I first used this skill whilst bossing Cinderella
around; I froze whilst she admitted her aggravation of being `enslaved'. This allowed Cinderella to
speak without being told off as she would have been had she stopped doing a chore to claim that
she "didn't think this was fair". This also allowed the audience to focus on Cinderella and not me
or any other character on stage. I also used a freeze frame after writing my diary to create a
believable situation in which someone else would be able to to read my diary without permission.
It was also at this point that me and the fairygodfather broke the fourth wall; doing so as when I
froze, he tried to take my diary but I did not let go, instead we had a tugofwar on stage whilst I
was `frozen'. It wasn't until the fairygodfather showed his frustration at that "[he] thought [he]
froze [me]" and the fourth wall was truly broken that I let go and froze again. This allowed us to
add more comedy to the piece and keep the interest of the audience. Another skill that I used was
the seven states of tension by Jacques Lecoq. I controlled my posture and way that I moved on
stage using these states of tension; for example, during the middle of the performance, I walked
across the stage diagonally, whilst texting, only pausing to register the "gossip" before taking a
picture and walking off stage. For this scene, I used the second state of tension ­ Californian ­ to
show that I didn't have a care in the world. I did this by staying very relaxed and using the least
amount of energy possible. I also used the optimist state of tension when crossing the stage to
write my diary. I did this to show my awareness towards the danger in the previous scene and my
caution about the mistake that I discussed in my diary.

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In the rehearsal time, I improved on the portrayal of my character through hot seating. In my
group, we took it in turns to ask each other questions that we had to answer whilst in character.
This allowed me to show more depth to my character rather then just having one simple character
trait of being bossy as it had previously been.…read more


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