Second World War defeat

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  • allied bombing campaign
  • ambitions
  • debt
  • hitler
  • military problems
  • money/debt
  • powerful US economy
  • short of labour
  • soviet resources
  • the four year plan
  • USA and Russia
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Allied bombing campaign

  • Anglo American bombing
  • large numbers of bombers
  • round the clock bombing effort
  • bombers were the only way Britain could defeat the Nazis
  • dropped bombs on factories to create more disruption
  • strike into the heart of Germany
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  • ambitions had been far too extreme
  • establish a 'greater Germany' went way beyond Germany's 1914 frontiers
  • destroy Bolshevik Russia
  • new order based on concept of Aryan racial supremacy
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  • deeply in debt
  • reserve in gold and foreign currencies were almost completely used up by 1989
  • Nazi state had run up a debt of 42 billion Richsmarks
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  • lost view of defeating countries
  • focused on domination
  • focused on pure racial Germany
  • went mad, lost the plot
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Military problems

  • poor strategy
  • failed to secure Britain before attacking USSR
  • failure to defeat Soviet Union before onset of winter in 1941
  • entry of USA into war
  • Britain striking Germany with aerial bombing
  • USSR could maintain eastern front by relying on geographical size and sacrificing huge manpower
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Powerful US economy

  • just too powerful
  • 1944 ratio of Germany's fuel supply compared to supply of western allies was 1:3
  • USA sent massive support to the allies
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Short of labour

  • from the start short of labour
  • millions of German workers required to keep up the industrial and agricultural production
  • gaps filled by forced labourers and an increase in female employment
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Soviet resources

  • soviet economy had undergone a ruthless industrialisation programme in the 1930s under Stalin and despite it's limitations, Russia had vast resources of human man power and raw materials
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The four year plan

  • meant to make Germany 'fit for war'
  • war economy decrees had been issued
  • went well beyond what they had and a limited war
  • military expenditure doubled
  • 55% of labour force rapidly mobilised for war
  • few armaments
  • inefficiency and poor co-ordination
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USA and Russia

  • 'operation Barbarossa' USSR invaded by Germany
  • Winter stalled German army as they were ill prepared for weather conditions
  • USSR, 45% controlled by German army
  • surrendered Germans
  • USA entered into war to help Great Britain
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