Why Russia Won - WWII

  • Russia’s War Economy
  • Gosplan at War
  • The Nazi War Economy
  • German Tactical Mistakes
  • The Home Front
  • The Great Patriotic War
  • Turing to the Church
  • The Grand Alliance
  • A Marriage of Convenience
  • Lend-Lease
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Chapter 16 Notes ­ Why Russia Won
Russia's War Economy:
Soviet economic preparation for the Second World War was
When Russia entered the war, it was better prepared than either
Britain or France in the same situation.
The Soviet economy also compared favourably with the Nazi
system, which was unable to produce armaments on the scale
necessary to defeat Russia, and unable to capitalise on the
resources won through conquest.
Gosplan at War:
The Soviet economy used similar methods to fight the war as it
had under the FiveYear Plans.
Stalin initiated a new policy of relocating industry to the east in
order to stop it falling into enemy hands.
Central planning was highly effective during the Second World
The production of armaments almost doubled between 1941 and
The Nazi War Economy:
The Nazis had been preparing for war since 1933, but the Nazi
economy lacked direction.
Senior Nazis had a series of competing priorities which hampered
the effective preparation for war.
Hitler and the Nazi economic bass insisted that living standards
should be kept high in order to ensure popular support.
Goering made a number of mistakes which hampered war
For much of the war, Germany produced fewer than 1,000 aircrafts
a month.
By 1943 Hitler thought that the Germany economy was four years
behind schedule.
German Tactical Mistakes:
In the early part of the Second World War, Germany looked
unstoppable, as Hitler's selfconfidents grew his ability to guide
the war effectively proved to be inadequate.
First, launching a war against Russia whilst fighting Britain was
Second, Hitler decided to lay siege t Leningrad and Moscow,
rather than taking them by force. This prolonged the war and
gave the Russian armed forces time to regroup and mount a
successful counteroffensive.
Finally Hitler sent troops to Stalingrad and Ukraine before
conquering Leningrad or Moscow, this over stretched the German

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Hitler was unable to conquer Russia's
The Home Front:
An essential factor in the Soviet war victory was the effective
mobilisation of the Russian population on the Home Front.
Stalin was under no illusions ­ the Russians were `fighting for their
home land, not for the Communists'
Socialism would not motivate the people to fight, and therefore
Stalin turned to traditional nationalism and the Russian Orthodox
Church in order to mobilise his people.…read more

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Russia was in an informal alliance with the British and the United
The alliance was based on the fact that all three countries faced a
common enemy.
Stalin continually protested that Britain and America were not
doing enough to help the Russian war effort.
Stalin demanded a British invasion of France in order to divert the
Nazis attention from Russia.…read more


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