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William Paley's design arguement

William Paley's argument is how he tried to explain that everything has a cause, such as a watch, it has to have a watch maker, because it's nearly impossible that all the parts can be made, then all come together all at the same time, because the watch it too prefect and precise to be made naturally. So if we swoop the watch for the world, the world is too great and so 'lucky' that there is the right gasses, soil, water, size of the earth and where we are in the universe, temperature etc. everything in this universe has a cause, but god is not from this universe, beause he made it!

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Reasons why god doesn't exist, you should come up

Science has an explanation for everything

We can't see him

How can he be everywhere?

We can't talk to him

Why is there evil in the world then

Why is he letting people suffer

Is God a man or a woman

why do we need him now

How he make miracles happen?

You acn't really prove anything he 'does'-it isn't logical

Doe God eat, sleep or even die?

How can we all be related to Adam and Eve

Maybe a random person made him up-a King/lord etc and everyone had to believe what he believed and it went from there?

There are no pictures of God

how could he of made everything in 7 days-well 6!

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