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a few cards on attitudes to religion and the enviroment

What are the Christian teachings on stewardship?

God gave humans the stewardship of the Earth and its resources. the Bible says that:

  • the right to rule over the earth but only as stewards.
  • Treat animals and the land kindley
  • Responsibility to leave the earth a better place (parable of the talents)
  • Share the earths resources fairly - responsibility
  • We will be judged on being a good steward
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How do beliefs about stewardship affect Christians

  • try to reduce pollution and preserve Resources - responsibility
  • Work to share earths resources more fairly
  • judged on there behaviour - helps groups who try to reduce pollution and conserve resources
  • Being a good christian means being a good steward and conserving
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what are the teachings of Islam on stewardship

  • All muslims are Gods khalifa's - to keep the balance of creation - look after the earth as set out in the Qur'an
  • Will be judged by God on how well they look after the earth
  • Life is a test From God
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How do Islamic teachings about steward ship affect

  • Being a khalifa - try to reduce pollution and preserve resources
  • Shari'ah and Ummah - about sharing Earth's resources - work to improve standard of living in LEDcs
  • judged on there berhaviour try to preserve unity and balance
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Roman Catholics and Fertility treatments

 Roman catholics - all treatment involving medical technology are banned:

  • Life is given by God - No one has the right to children. only god decides who has children
  • it affects sanctity of life and does not involve natural sex acts
  • IVF throws away some of the eggs or uses them for experimenation - like abortion
  • Artificial insemination and surogacy involves male masturbation - sin
  • fertilisation is seperate from sex - God intended procreation to be a part of sex
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Why do other Christians accept IVF and AIH

  • purpose of christian marage is to have children
  • Bothe the sperm and the egg are from the husband and wife - biological offspring
  • Technology should be used to give couples the joy of children
  • Discarded embryos are not feotuses so lie is not taken
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Why do Muslims allow IVF and AIH

  • all muslims are expected to have a family, and technology can help to bring this about
  • The egg and the sperm are from the husband and wife
  • Unused embryos are not feotuses, so destroying them is not like abortion
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why are other forms of embryo technology not allow

  • Deny a childs right to know its parents
  • Egg or sperm donation is like adultery
  • like adoption which is banned in islam
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Why do most Christians Agree with transplant surge

  • immortality of the soul means that the body is not needed after death
  • those that believe in the resurection of the body, believe that the organs are not needed by God to raise the Body
  • leaving organs for others is a way of loving your neighbour
  • leaving your organs is a way of treating others as you would want to be treated
  • the bible says that the poor should not be exploited
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Why do some Christians only believe in organ trans

  • it would be playing God to translant organs  from the dead to the living.
  • Organs such as the heart are an essential part of a person which God has created
  • Donating you living organs - showing love to your neighbour
  • Donating you living organs - treating others as you would want to be treated
  • Paying for organs is exploiting the poor - banned in the bible
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Why do some Christians not believe in transplant s

  • it ingnores the sanctity of life
  • it is playing God
  • Surgeon makes the choices -accedent victim or the pacient needing a transplant
  • takes resources from less expensive cures that could helpmore people than a single transplan e.g 1 persons transplant = the resources needed for 5 people to survive i.e dialisis
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Why do most Muslims disagree with transplant surge

  • the shari'ah teaches that nothing should be removed from the body after death
  • it is playing God - this is a great sin
  • The Qur'an teaches that only God has the right to give and take life
  • Against sanctaty of life
  • On judgement day they will need all of there organs for resurection on the last day
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Why do some Muslims allow transplants? mainly with

  • Some muslim lawyers have allowed it
  • Muslim council in britian has allowed muslims to carry donor cards
  • Ilsam aims to do good and help people
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These are good! I did my exam yesterday and I did Christianity and Hinduism, so I'm guessing you are doing B603 & B604? Anyway check out my notes on Christianity if you would like to :)

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