Religion and Planet Earth Revision Guide

A revision guide for Religion and Planet Earth following the AQA Syllabus.

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1) God created the light and the darkness; the night and the day.
2) God created a dome that separated the water above and the water below. This was the sky.
3) God created lands, oceans and vegetation.
4) God created lights that appeared in the sky ­ these were the stars. The sun and moon were made to show
light and dark and for religious festivals.
5) God created birds and water creatures.
6) God created tame and wild animals and reptiles with humans to rule over them.
7) God had finished his work and so he rested.
6 mark question: "Religious creation stories are no longer relevant today"
You can't be religious if you don't believe in the story of creation of that certain faith.
God is creator and preserver of life ­ creation stories help to remember this.
Teaches the importance of the Earth.
Gives structure to people's lives ­ Sunday in Christianity
It seems scientifically impossible to prove these stories.
Parts could be confusing, repeating and parts may seem to be out of order ­ Hindu creation story
Outdated ­ written 1000s of years ago
Causes The process ­ The effects of it
what is global
· Carbon dioxide and other The Earth is warm Humans can catch disease
pollutants during the day by because of the toxins in the
· Burning fossil fuels incoming radiation water they drink and the food
· Road vehicles from the Sun. The that they eat.
Earth loses its heat at There can also be a lack of food
· Deforestation
night. and water as a result of global
· Burning of tropical rainforests
The greenhouse gases warming.
· CFCs (aerosols, air conditions, cause the infrared
foam packaging and refrigerators) radiation to be intense
· Methane (decaying organic matter and so it stays there
­ peat bogs, swamps, landfill sites, and the Earth doesn't
animal dung and farms) manage to cool down.
· Nitrous oxide - car exhausts,
power stations and agricultural
· Not recycling

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Are human to blame for climate change?"
Fossil fuels are being burnt and this increases CO levels.
Some Christians believe that people are spoiling, abusing, wasting and destroying resources.
"Love thy neighbour." Pollution is harming people and Christians believe you should care for one another.…read more

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Pesticides are chemicals which are sprayed on plants such as weeds. They are used to kill insects which feed on
They have been associated with causing cancer and fertility problems.
CHARITY - Christian Aid
Petitions; marches; have debates based on religious traditions/quotations; don't resort to violence/extreme tactics;
PRESSURE GROUP ­ (WWF) World Wildlife Federation
Use extreme measures to get messages across to people; their intentions are right, yet they do have violent actions
­ very active.…read more


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