Roman Housing

For the background paper of Roman Daily Life- housing.

The Atrium


  • Brightly decorated wall panels
  • Marble/Mosaic floor
  • Rainwater Pool
  • Shrine to Household gods (Laraium)
  • Sloping Roof (high ceiling)
  • Bronze or Marble Table
  • Couch
  • Family Strongbox

Next to:

  • Bedrooms (cubiculum)
  • Study (tablinium)
  • Dining Room (triclinium)- Winter
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Garden (hortus)


  • Flowers/Scrubs in careful plan
  • Small fish-poind
  • Fountain
  • Marble statues of gods/heroes
  • Colonade around
  • Wall murals

Next to:

  • Dining room (triclinium)- Summer
  • Kitchen (culina)
  • Lavatory (latrina)
  • Slave Quaters
  • Storage Rooms
  • Study (tablinium)
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Useful revision resource on the Daily Roman Life part of the exam

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