Latin OCR Paper - 2000 Roman Daily Life

These were my answers as part of my revision for the OCR GCSE Latin exam. These are not intended as 'ideal answers' - but there are facts in there that are nice to have altogether in one page, not in different sections of the book.

Hope it helps!

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Daily Life in Roman Society

1. An impluvium ­ a shallow pool to collect rainwater from the opening in the roof.
An atrium ­ where the Roman family would receive their visitors.
A lararium ­ a small shrine where the family worshipped their household gods.
A perystilium, which…

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The forum would've been a great square, always buzzing with life. Strangers visiting the
forum would've been amazed by its size, and the splendid buildings surrounding it, showing
its magnificent wealth.

(b) The forum was at the centre of Roman town life because it was where everything was
happening; it…


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