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Marriage 1


Christians see marriage as vows taken before God, and divorce is not encouraged

christians belief that they should show 4 different loves in the best way possible.

Marriage is important for Christians because:

  • it's a gift from God; it's part of God’s plan for creation that men and women should live together
  • it provides a relationship through which husband and wife support each other; this relationship is built on love and faithfulness
  • it provides a secure environment for the bringing up of children

Many churches now allow divorce but a marriage can only be ended by an annulment in the Roman Catholic Church. This means that the marriage is regarded as never having taken place for special reasons.

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marriage 2

why people get married?

  • They love each other
  • to show comitment and trust in theri relationship
  • to express their love in th ultermate way
  • to srat a family
  • religion
  • they want to be together for life
  • so they wont be loney

2 become 1

for this reason a man will leave his father amd mother be united to his wife and the two will become one flesh

what god has joined together let no person seperate

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civil partnership

civil partnership

  • same sex couple have the same legal rights as a married couple
  • legal
  • commitment

Homosexual - a relationshop with the same gender

Heterosexual-a relationship with differnet gender

homosexuality is wrong

  • if you are gay or lesbian it is not the will of god
  • do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman that is detestable (leviticas 18:22)
  • some christians might say that god judges gays and might of sent AIDS.

It is natural fort some to be homosexual but homosexual sex is not acceptable

  • people cant control their feelings but can control their actions
  • all people are made in the image of god
  • sex should be about openness to having children as well intamacy(cleanseness)

homosexual relationship should be judged just like any human relationship

  • you cant have differnet rules for differnet people love is love and its natural for humans to express this love
  • the bible is against homosexuality becuase thats was the culture of the time
  • quakers fully accept homosexual relationships and allows gays and lesbians  to hold marriage services in their meetings







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bibble teachings about men and woman in the family:

  • eve was made to help adam
  • men +woman made in image of god (equal)
  • wives submit to your husbands
  • husbands love your wives as christ loved the church
  • he must manage his own family well and see that his children obey with proper respect
  • husband love your wives and do not be harsh with them

some christians think that the bible is the word of god and is always they would say that husbands are more important than wives.being a mother is as important as a husband.


  • what works for your family is right
  • any woman who choses to make her career being a mother deserves an equal respect
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The role of woman + men in the church



What the bible says?

·         Woman should remain silent in the churches. if they want to ask about something they should ask their husbands at home

·         I do not allow a woman

·         It’s not good for a man to be alone .i will make a helper to suit him

·         Jesus disciples were all male



What the bible says?

·         The bible shows us that woman were in charge of the first churches

  •   Mary was the first to know about Jesus resurrection this tells us that woman are actually important
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