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Once people are poor they could lose their house and could end up homeless, when people end up homeless there are charities and organisations that will give them food and somewhere to sleep for the night for either a price and with charities most likely free.

People can start to live in poverty because they have just lost their job or their job does not pay that much and therefore can only buy essential items and cant pay for their house or can't pay the rent.

You could live in absolute poverty, this means that you don't have anything, not even food or a house.

Some people live in Relative poverty, this means that they have what they can afford but the area around them has more when compared.

Sometimes old people are provided cheap flats where a warden comes round to check up on them, this is called sheltered housing.

Some countries are communist, this means that they try to attempt to make everyone in the country the same.

People can become rich because they inherit some


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