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Revision for Religion 

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Key Words In Relationships

Celibacy - Not having sex at all as a sign of commitment to god.

Chastity - Not having sex before marriage.

Commitment - Being truthful and staying with someone or sticking to a promise.

Conflict - Having an argument or disagreement with someone.

Love - Feelings towards family, friends, objects or sexual love.

Reconciliation - Saying sorry and being regretful.

Relationship - An emotional association with another person.

Responsibility - There is something expected of you.

Rite of passage - A change of status and something significant to show this.

Sacrament - An outward sign of love and commitment. Something that sacred.

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Religious Views On Sexual Activities

Religion       Sex Before Marriage   Contraception   Promiscuity  Adultery 

Christian         No                              No                    No                No

Judaism          No                              Yes                  No                No

Sikhism           No                              Yes                  No                No 

Christians believe that sex before marriage is unacceptable because it is a symbol of commitment and should only be shared between a married couple with the intent of having children.

Jews also disagee with sex before marriage for the same reason as christian however they unlike christians they allow contriception however no barrier methods are allowed.

Sikh believe much the same as Jews, they believe that our main aim in life is to have a large familiy but only when we're ready as they allow contreception.

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Key Words In Marriage And Divorce

Promiscuity -  When people have casual sexual relationships

Adultery - When a married man or woman has a sexual relationship with someone other than there partner.

Cohabitation - When a couple live together like a married couple but without vows.

Contraception - To stop unwanted pregnency

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Arguments For Marriage And Cohabitation

Marriage                                         Cohabitation


Its a sacrament                               Popular

Its a tradition                                   Get to know

Its a symbol of commitment             No social stigma

For children                                    Decline beliefs

Family life                                       Same sex couples

Popular today                                 Decreased divorce rates

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Divorce Opinions

Judaism believe that remarriage is acceptable as divorce is a last resort. Remarriage in a Gurdwara is permitted.

Sikhism believe that remarriage is acceptable as divorce is a last resort in any case. A woman has to wait 90 days after a divorce to remarry.

Christians believe that remarriage is not acceptable as divorce is not allowed. However couples can receive a blessing in a church.

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Human Dignity

Christians believe we should all have the right to dignity as we were put on this earth to care for earth.

Budists believe that we should all have the right to dignity as it is possible to become a Buddha in our lifetime.

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Christians believe that it is our job to Shepard the inhabitance of earth we can do this though charity.

Budists believe to help where help is needed.

Islam believe to use emergency relief and sustainable development to root out poverty.

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