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Allah's future control Action of creating
Al-Qadar of events Creativity universe by Allah
Way of life (the belief One who has submitted
Din & practice of Islam) Muslim to Allah by accepting
All acts of worship/any That which is read or
Ibadah permissible action Qur'an recited/the holy book of
performed to obey Allah Islam
Faith in Allah Muslim beliefs about
Imam Risalah the prophets of Allah
Peace gained through The sin of regarding
Islam submission to Allah Shirk anything as an equal or
partner of Allah
Custodian or steward The oneness of
Khalifah of the world for Allah Tawhid Allah…read more

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What is it? How to show belief:
· Oneness of Allah · Nothing more important than Allah
· Foundation of Islam · All life comes from Allah and should be respected
· Purpose of existence · Oneness reflects ummah
· Unity of Lordship · Follow one will of Allah- not your own
· Unity of worship · One plan- life will fit around Allah's plan
· Unity of characteristics · One world belongs to Allah
· Supports Shahadah
· Entry to paradise
· Taught in Qur'an
· Helps makes sense of life
· Gives life good purpose/ direction
· Allah is focal point- not them
· Helps follow teaching of Pr Muhammad- he lived life for Allah…read more

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What is it?
· Associating partners How to avoid shirk:
(idolatry/polytheism) · Worship Allah alone without distraction
· Major sin · Not to wear/believe in luck/charms
· Unforgivable sin · Not to have pictures/idols while praying
· Breaks Tawhid/Shahadah · Nothing else given more worth/value than Allah i.
· No entry to paradise e. people, places, things
· Shirk by worship, lordship and qualities
· Allah taught Adam to avoid shirk
· All Prophets/books taught against it
· Breaks commitment to Allah/Islam
· Takes away purity of Islam
· Goes against princiapl of Tawhid
· Goes against 1st pillar of Islam
· Takes you away from Ibadah/worship/goal/heaven
· Causes downfall of human status and dignity
· Root of evil and superstition
· Brings tyranny, injustice, anxiety, fear…read more

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What is it?
· Action of creating the universe by Allah
· Allah is One and there's nothing/no one that can compare with him
· Allah created life on earth, with all its varied forms- life comes from him
· Universe & earth aren't here by chance, but discovering new things about
creativity of Allah.
· At end, no one can be certain Allah did or didn't create universe-matter of
faith (iman)
· It means they trust that Allah created universe.
· Base their belief on the teachings of the Qur'an.
· Recognise order and beauty of life comes from Allah
· Allah has control of world- determines what will happen
· All life belongs to him- life is precious & given to humans as gift- treat it
with care
· Although scientists discovered things about universe- human
knowledge is limited
· Can never understand wishes/purpose of Allah
· Humans are confined to time and space but Allah isn't…read more

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What is it?
· Muslims try not to describe Allah Other qualities:
· 2 of 99 names of Allah in Qur'an · Wise
· Every surah starts with these 2 names (except surah 9) · Lord
· Means Allah forgives, loves, supports, cares · Creator
· Judge
· Forgiving
· Protector
· Source of peace
· Muslims feel hopeless/helpless (fail to live according to Allah's word
· Gives Muslims courage to strive in life (Allah will always be there- fairly dealing with
· Strengthens live to Allah (he improves quality of life) ­ not cruel and to be feared
· Allah will always be fair/just and never lead them astray- guide on right path
· Doubt of being forgiven- need to repent sincerely to gain forgiveness
· If Allah wasn't merciful and compassionate, no one would survive the judgement of
· If Allah was merciless, they would regard him with fear and terror.…read more

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Very creative, colourful and well formulated power point. Easy to read and understand providing a vast amount of information. This can be used for all exam boards. 

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