Strengths of General and Special Revelation

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Strengths of General Revelation

  • It is indirect and available to everyone whereas special revelation is only for individuals or groups who receives it.
  • It has been available to everyone at all times and in all places whereas special revelation happens at a specific time and place.
  • It is continuous and ongoing which updates religion's thinking whereas a special revelation is specific to a time in history and may therefore be outdated for modern society.
  • Conscience is available to all religious believers and this guides them in the right and wrong way.
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Strengths of Special Revelation

  • It reveals everything that God wants you to know, whereas general revelation only discloses part.
  • It is direct and received 1st hand which has a stronger more immediate impact and it is known to be the truth.
  • Having received special generation people possess an authority and confidence that enables them to lead others to faith.

Many religious believers would argue that both GENERAL & SPECIAL REVELATIONS are needed together as proof for the EXISTENCE OF GOD

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