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    • A General revelation is when God reveals himself to someone through ordinary means
      • Prayer
      • Holy Books
      • Natural Beauties
    • A Special revelation is when God reveals himself via a direct encounter or unusual event.
      • Miracles
      • Hearing his voice
      • In a Dream
    • A revelation is when something about God, great existence or life's meaning is  revealed  or becomes visible
    • Against Revelations
      • Faked for popularity
      • Why does God only reveal himself to certain  people
      • Illusions
      • Sense of togetherness, not Godliness
      • Could be a result of phycological problems, a which the idea of "God" is a relief from reality.
      • Our minds can play tricks on us
      • They cannot be proved because they are personal experiences
    • For Revelation
      • Evidence God exists, how else would they occur
      • Proves God Omnipotence
      • Proves Gods Immanence
      • Gives a purpose to peoples lives, without which, why live???
      • Shows people how to live their lives
      • Helps Religion grow
      • Shows God wants to help  people


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