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Revelation and Types of Revelation.

What is Revelation?

Revelation is when God shows himself to believers. This is the only way anybody can really know anything about God.

For Theists (believers in God) Revelation is believed to come directly from God, or may be brought indirectly by an Angel or some other means.

Most founders of religions have experienced Revelation in one way or another.

For example Jesus has spoken to God on many occasions in the Bible.

How does God reveal himself?

The first thing to recognise about God is can he be known? Some theists believe God can not be known as God is beyond human understanding and can not be described using the limits of the human language. These believers would say God would reveal himself in other means. e.g. Angels.

Many religious believers think that it is possible to understand certain aspects of God but only…


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I hope this helps everyone, I noticed there wasn't much Philosophy on this website so i thought i would add a bit.

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