Religious Studies GCSE (Edexcel) - Community Cohesion

Revision notes for RS(Edexcel) - Religion and Community Cohesion

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Attitudes of men and women

It became 'official' in the 19th Century that women shouldn't work. This affected employment levels from women from 50% to 15%.

But, laws have changed....

  • "Married Women's Property Act" allowed women to kepp their property seperate from their husbands. (1882)
  • "Local Government Act" gave women the right to stand as councillors (1892)
  • "Electoral Reform Act" gave women voting rights and able to stand as MP's (1928)
  • "Equal Pay Act" required employers to pay women the same as men (1970)
  • "Sex Discrimination Act" made it illegal to discriminate on grounds of gender (1975)

The roles changed due to: both world wars where women had to do men's jobs and the various movements promoting women's rights.

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Christian Attitudes to Equal Rights for Women in R

Evangelical Christians believe... that men and women have completely different roles. Women bring up children and run the christain home. Men go out and earn a living for the family. They are also the one's who lead the family in religion. This is because: St Paul said women should not speak in church and obey men and Genesis says Men were created first

Liberal Protestants believe...that men and women are equal and women have the right to become ministers or priests. This is because: Jesus treated women as his equals, Genesis says God created men and women at the same time (I know, it contradicts the last point but, yeah....) and there may have been female priests in the church at some point

Catholics believe... that men and women are equal but only men can teach in church. This is because: Jesus only had male disciples, Priests are succesors of the apostles and the priest respresents Jesus at Mass. This is why the priest HAS to be male

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Muslim attitudes to equal rights for women

Traditional View

This says that men and women have different roles. The women have kids and bring them up. Men go to work, get money for the family and take their sons to the mosque. They believe this because: The Qur'an says men should support the women and women inherits half what a man inherits

Modern View

This says that men and women are equal and women have the right to worship in the mosque. This is because: The Qur'an teaches men and women are equal and Women worshipped at the time of the prophet

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UK as a multi-ethnic society

Advantages of living in a multi-ethnic society

  • Develop understanding of different people
  • More varieties of things like food, fashion, entertainment....
  • Develop sense of empathy in order to reduce discrimination
  • Lots of different skills and depth of eductional backgrounds
  • new people=new ideas and solutions
  • less cahnce of war
  • life is more interesting with interesting things

Problems of discrimination and racism - Prejudiced landlords, politicians, teachers etc... can cause significant problems in the UK.

Effects of discrimination

  • being treated unfairly
  • self-fulfilling prophecies and groups like the BNP rising up, causing hatrid.
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