RS Edexcel GCSE Believing in God notes

Self made notes based on the Edexcel GCSE specification and textbook with some of my own points included.

Simplified notes; easy to learn and revise from covering both Christian and Hindu viewpoints,

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Believing in God
Religious upbringing
Praying... teaching children to communicate with God
Sunday school... learn more about Christianity and God
Church... community
Baptising... bring up as Christian
Unanswered prayers
Omnibenevolent God would answer all prayers
Omniscient God should see and hear all prayers so is ignoring
Omnipresent God but people don't feel his presence if prayers aren't answered
People might think nobody is listening
Religious Experience
Numinous... feeling of the presence of something greater than them (God)
Conversion... an experience of God where they want to change their life
(agnosticism/atheism to theism)
Miracle... event that breaks the law of science and can only be explained as God
Prayer... feel like they are talking to God and he is listening
Leading to belief in God
...will encourage belief as they are communicating with God himself
...learning more will help them understand more about Christianity and make them believe
...surrounded by people with same belief encourages that God exists

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Leading to belief in God
God cannot answer everyone's prayers
God may have answered them in a different way that's not clear to humans
Some prayers contradict others so can't be answered
God may want to teach something eg: not revised, ignore prayer to do well to learn lesson
Leading to belief in God
...make them feel like God is real after feeling greater presence
...God is calling them to do something so he must exist
...…read more

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For Argument of Design
Anything designed, needs a designer eg: Paley's watch
Plenty of evidence of design eg: DNA
World has patterns and rules eg: the laws of science which needed a designer (God)
Only possible designer for world that's so beautiful and complex must be God
[William Paley]
Against Argument of Design
Argument ignores evidence of the lack of design eg: earthquakes and diseases
All evidence of design can be explained by science without God
Argument doesn't refer to dinosaurs existence
Argument only proves…read more

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If there's always a First Cause then what caused God's existence?
If the First Cause exists then it doesn't necessarily mean the creator was God
eg: could have been Big Bang
Better explanation is that matter of Universe is eternal so process of causes continues
No proof that First Cause was God
Belief in God
It is stated in the Bible that God created the world in 6 days and rested on day 7
Everything that exists has been caused by something and so…read more

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Theist Beliefs on Evil & Suffering
Christians believe acts of moral evil are sins because they go against God's wishes
[Ten Commandments]
God wants people to learn about the consequences of their actions so if he stopped all evil
and suffering, there would be no difference between right and wrong
Suffering is caused by humans misusing God's gift of free will
Laws of nature would be defeated if God stopped evil eg: gravity wouldn't work sometimes to
stop death but other times
Job [Old Testament]…read more

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Matters of Life and Death
Life after Death: Christians
Jesus resurrected from dead [Gospels]
Christians will also spiritually resurrect like Jesus [St Paul]
At end of world Christians will be raised from dead to be judged for heaven or hell
Soul is immortal and lives on with God after death of body
Life after Death: Hindus
Taught in Vedas which were revealed by Brahman and contain eternal truths
Reincarnation rewards the good and punishes the evil
Soul is immortal so lives on after death until…read more

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Devotion through puja helps to gain moksha
Life after Death: Against
Different religions have different views eg: Christians believe in one life & judgement vs.…read more

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Free media allows religious views and nonreligious view to be challenged as the issues are
of importance to all
The most advanced societies have greatest citizen freedoms [Sir Karl Popper]
Against Abortion: Hindus
Late abortions are a form of murder which is condemned [Gita]
Gurus teach all abortion is wrong
Against teaching of ahimsa harming soul which prevents moksha
Against sanctity of life bringing bad karma
Against Euthanasia: Christians
Against sanctity of life and puts yourself on par with God which is condemned in Bible…read more

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Marriage and the Family
Sex Outside Marriage: Christians
God gave sex for procreation of children so should take place in marriage
Sex outside of marriage is sinful [Bible]
Adultery is wrong as it breaks wedding vows
Adultery is condemned [Decalogue]
For Divorce: Christians
Jesus allowed it after adultery [Matthew]
Lesser of two evils to divorce than suffer
Remarriage allowed if couple confess and repent sins
Better to divorce than live in hatred as Christianity is religion of love [Church]
For Divorce: Hindus
Laws of Manu…read more

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Jesus taught it was wrong
Couple make covenant with God that `cannot be broken by any earthly power'
Marriage cannot be dissolved so religious divorce is impossible [Catechism]
No remarriage as no religious divorce, so remarriage would be bigamy/adultery
Against Divorce: Hindus
Condemned in Laws of Manu
Likely to harm families so should be discouraged
Children is part of householder dharma so infertility is grounds for divorce
Violence is against ahimsa grounds for divorce
Family Life: Hindus
Family created by God so only place for…read more


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