Religious Education- Key notes


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Religious Education - Key Words - Our World

Theist - Someone who Belives in God

Atheist - Someone who believes there is not a god

Agnostic - Someone who has yet to be convinced there is a god

Omniscrent - All knowing

Omnipresent - Present Everywhere

Omnipotent - All Powerful

Dominion - Means People having charge or Power over someone or something

Reconcilliation - To make up after an argument and is an alternative to divorce

Awe -  Experiencing a miracle

Identity - were people are not treated with fairness

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Religious Education - Key words (Cont) - Our Wor

Humanity - Compassion for others; caring about other humans and beings; kind heartedness to others; all humans in the world

Soul - The part of the human that is not physical; the part that christians believe will live on when the body dies

Morality - A sense of right and wrong

Stewardship - To carefully look after something for the real owner a god given responsibilty to look after the world

Khalifa - steward and guradian over the earth ( Islam )

Ummah - The world wide community for muslims

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Religious Education - Our responsibilities in life

Christian : -

1) To Enjoy the world

2) To obey and worship God

3) To look after the World

4) To have sexual relationships - and children

5) To serve god and live for him

6) To live in harmony with others

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Religious Education - Our responsibilities in life

Muslim: -

1) To care for the world (Which is the creation of allah)

2) To maintain balance in the world so everyone has enough resources 

3) To care for all living creatures

40 Allah will judge muslims on the day of judgment on how they have looked after the earth

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Religious Education - Key words - relationships

Love - [One of the most powerful human emotions] has a variety of forms in the greek of the new testament  There are 4 words which are used to desicribe the one "English Love"

Storge - The affection for things and animals sometimes described ad sentimental love

Philia - Love of friends and family; a stronger bond between people

Agape - Unconditional love, given freely and unreservedly 

Eros - Sexual love, A physical and intimate way of showing love within a personal relationship

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Religious Education - Key words - relationships (c

Responsibility - Duties you should carry out, what you are expected to take care of

Commitment - Making AND keeping a promise; being devoted to someone or something; something you choose to do for a person 

Chastity - Not having sexual intercourse until after marriage

Celibate - Deciding never to have a sexual relationship

Adultry - having a sexual relationship other than the ones marriage partner

Reconciliation - Apologising and becoming friends again

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