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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow says self actualisation and esteem are the most important things to make you happy.

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Rich and Poor

Why are some people rich and others poor?

  • Luck/Chance - The family you're born into, lottery win etc.
  • Family - Inheritance, background
  • Motivation
  • Talent/Creativity
  • Health
  • Society and Location
  • Employment/Stock/Investments
  • Race and Gender
  • Environmnet and People
  • Education
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  • The average full - time salary in the UK - £26,500
  • The top 25% of full - time workers - £33,000
  • The top 10% of full - time workers - £50,500
  • The top 5% of full - time workers - £68,500
  • The top 1% of full - time wotkers - £156,000
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The top 0.1% are:

  • 90% male.
  • 50% - 45 - 54 year group.
  • 31% - London, 21% - South East England.
  • 33% of these people are company directors.
  • 30% work finance and 38% in general bussiness (includes law).
  • The top 1% of wealthiest people in the UK hold 21% of the total wealth of the country.
  • 300,000 teenagers in the UK are on benefits.
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Poverty in the UK

  • UK relative poverty line is measured as being under 60% of the average household income in the UK (£15,000).
  • Absolute poverty is defined as someone living on less than 75p per day.
  • The poverty trap is where an increase in income results in loss of benefits, meaning that the household are financially no better off.
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Effects of Poverty - Education

  • Children from poorer backgrounds lag at all stages of education.
  • More than three quarters of 627 primary, secondary and college teachers in England, Wales and northern Ireland who responded to the survey belived they taught children living in poverty.
  • More than 85% of the teachers who responded to the survey said they believed that poverty had a negative social impact on the well - being of students.
  • 71% lack in confidence, 65% missed out on activites, 73% arrive hungry.
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Effects of Poverty - Health

  • Poverty is also associated with a higher risk of both illness and premature death.
  • Children born in the poorest areas of the UK, weigh, on average 200g less at birth than those born in rich area's.
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Effects of Poverty - Children

  • There are 3.6 million living in poverty in the UK today.
  • Families with children are more likely to be poor than people without one.
  • In 2009/10, 53% of those living below the poverty line had children.
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Effects of Poverty - Ethnic Groups

  • Around two - fifths of people from ethnic minorities live in low income households, twice the rate for white people.
  • For all ages, people from ethnic minorities are, on average, much more likely to live in low income households than white people.
  • The poverty rate among ethnic minority groups in Britain is 40% as much for white people.
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Christian Teachings & Beliefs

  • 'No one can serve two masters. He will hate one and love the other. You cannot serve both God and money.'
  • 'For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God'.
  • 'If your wealth is God - given show your thanks by giving 10% away'.
  • 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone'.
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How Can Poverty Be Overcome? - Charities

Child Poverty Action Group

  • Raise awareness of the causes, extent and impact of child poverty.
  • Strategies to remove child poverty.
  • Provide advice lines.


  • Not doing enough ractical work to stop poverty.
  • Only provide help for children, but what about adults?
  • Aim towards government - so can do more.
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How Can Poverty Be Overcome? - Counselling

Christians Against Poverty

  • Get rid of people debt - personal.
  • Come up with realistic plans to repay the debt.
  • Provide advice and organise stratagies to payback debts.
  • Getting rid of debt will benefit people in their future
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How Can Poverty Be Overcome? - Training/Education

The Prince's Trust

  • Designed for young people, 16 - 25 year olds, to get into work.
  • Provides people with work expericne and qualifications.
  • Gain many life skills and confidence.
  • Gets people to experience a work day - for actual experience.


  • Only help a certain age range.
  • Prejudge and stereotyping towards young people from employers.
  • Not a proper job - working paid
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How Can Poverty Be Overcome? - Religious Organisat

Salvation Army

  • Offer support to help people become job ready, to get a job, and to stay in work.
  • Help people furthest from unemployment or who have been unemployed for a long time.
  • Provide short - term work experience - gain people confidence.


  • If they don't get enough money, they cannot continue as a national charity, and not all can benefit.
  • People cannot get work experience if they have been out of work for a long time.
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Who is Responsible for Poverty? - The Individual

Do people in poverty need a ladder? Are they actually unable to help themselves? 

(BSA, 2008 SURVEY)

Many people think there are people in need because:

  • People are unlucky - 10%
  • Reflects social injustice - 20%
  • Laziness/lack of willpower - 27%
  • Inevitable part of life - 34%
  • No answer - 9%
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Who is Responsible for Poverty? - Government

  • The government makes cuts, young people frustrated.
  • Young people have ambitions, but government keep making cuts.
  • Government make cuts on youth places, young people unhappy as their oppurtunities are taken away.
  • Riots happened,
  • Argumentd for more oppurtunities.
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Who is Responsible for Poverty? - Serendipity/Luck

  • Unexpected redundance.
  • Where you are born, what family you have, your background.
  • Social mobility - will you stay as you are/your potential, e.g. the same as your parents, job affected by your background, OR will you get out and make something of yourself?
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Who is Responsible for Poverty? - Family

Barnados report, more at risk:

  • Lone parents
  • Large families
  • Parents or children with diabilities
  • Black and minority ethnic groups
  • Working families
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Who is Responsible for Poverty? - God

  • God not only allows poverty - he chose to be born in it. Born in a 'humble cave', as the least likely place man would look for their saviour.
  • Not having pride.
  • Poverty accomplishes several things: the act of being served and serving.
  • Use free will to love, greed = poverty (because of inequality).
  • God works to prevent poverty, just like he does with evil, but he wants our help.
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Who is Responsible For poverty? - Society

Marxism states:

  • There are two major classes (working class, and owning class).
  • Socierty is up up to benefit the 'owning classes' at the expense of the working classes.
  • This is not fair and needs to be changed.

Example - part time work, do you receive the value of your work? (no...)

Do you think that society is responsible for poverty?

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Are wages fair?

Wealth - Overall, things you have.

Wages - What you get.

  • 1% of the wealthiest people in the UK hold 13% of the UK's wealth. 
  • The top 20% of people hold 63% of the UK's wealth.
  • Since 1960's, inequality is on the rise. Poorer stayed the same, richer and more rich.
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Solutions to inequality

  • Tax the rich.
  • Raise the minimum wage.
  • Cap fat cat salaries (lower the maximum wage).


  • Dodge taxes, companies would move elsewhere.
  • Cause unemployment, poor motivation, costs increase.
  • Why would I do this job attitude.
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The Lottery

The national lottery began on the 19th November, 1994

Disadvanatges of playing the lottery:

  • Little chance of winning
  • There have been incidents where convicted criminals have won
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John McGuiness

Lottery money spent on:

  • £4 million Livingston football club
  • £750,000 gift to ex - wife
  • £500,000 charities
  • £200,000 wedding
  • £2.5 million gifts to family
  • £500,000 new home
  • £500,000 spanish apartment
  • £500,000 cars
  • £250,000 holidays
  • £150,000 jewellery for wife
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Wages in the UK should be fairer?

  • Not equal, just fairer
  • What impact do you make on others?
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Christian Teachings & Beliefs

  • If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treaure in heaven'.
  • 'Love of money is the root of all evil'.
  • 'Love your neighbour as you love yourself'.
  • 'Look to the ant you sluggard; consider its ways & be wise'.
  • Tithe - Be grateful and guve what you earn to the less fortunate. Show you care for others and are generous
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The Lottery

From every £1.00, 28p goes to a 'good cause'.

  • Arts - 16.67%
  • Heritage - 16.67%
  • Sport - 16.67%
  • Health, education, environment, charitable - 50%

Large grants have been given to:

  • The Royal Opera
  • British Museum
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