Factory Farming

Against; cruel to animals, no room to move, no daylight. Chickens are given growth hormones that lead to broken legs.

Factory farming is a danger to the environment, 1/3 of CO2 comes form factory farming

Dairy cows are permanently pregnant

Free range animals are given vetter living conditions

For; humans are better than animals so we can treat them how we want

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Experimentation and Cloning

Against; experimenting on animals causes them suffering and pain. Testing on human cells is more expensive

Animals respond differently to humans

Animals have the same rights not to be abused as humans

Many religious people say cloning is against God's will and tampering with nature

Causes a great deal of suffering for the cloned animal and causes several animal deaths for 1 clone. Some christians say we're not being stewards by doing this

For; We can develop medicines that save lives by testing on animals

We may be able to grow human organs in animals

Human life is more important

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Eating Meat

Against; Meat isn't a necessity for life, rainforests are being cut down to grow food for meat producing animals

In 3rd world countried crops are grown for animal feed instead of feeding the people that live there

Animals should have the same rights not to be harmed as humans

For; Humans have eaten meat for thousands of years, meat is a source of protein and many people enjoy the taste

Humans are top of the food change, in the wild animals kill each other for meat

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Fur Trade

Against; Killing animals for fur/ivory is un-necessary, fake fur is just as good and ivory is only decorative

55 million animals a year are killed for the fur trade, kept in small cages

Methods pf slaughter leave animals conscious while being skinnes

For; Fur trade is worth up to £500 million to the UK economy

Non endangered species are used

Some animals are used to reduce their numbers

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Fox Hunting and Bull Fighting

Against; Cruel practice, animals are murdered after stress

It's a form of entertainment from suffering

For; Fox hunting is traditional in many countries

Foxes are seen as a pest by some

Bull fighting is spanish tradition and is worth lots of money to spanish economy

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Zoo's, aquariums and safari parks

Against; Do not provide natural habitat for animals

Animals in captivity suffer stress and behave weirdly

For; Provides entertainment and education

Breeding programs stop animals from becoming extinct

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