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Cloning- Catholic View (Against)

-"Humans are Made in the image of God"- not in the image of each other.

-"Sancity of Life"- The value of life is pressure.

-"Will cloning now lead to human cloning in the future?"- Could be a problem?

-Natural Law- Anything unatural is wrong!

-"Dont commit murder"- Embryos would have to be killed trying to perfect cloning.

-"You knit me together in my mothers womb"- God makes us all when we are in our mums womb.

-"Life begins at conception"- so killing embryos trying to perfect cloning is wrong.

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Cloning- Church of England (for)

-Used to get new organs.

-Could create new food sources.

-Embryos are only kept for 14days.

-"Love your neighbor as yourself"- do the kindest thing, growing organs through research could save lives.

-Relative view- situation dependent view. 

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Crime and Punishment- Christian Views on Prison

-" Love your Enemies"- If people do wrong they can change and we should still love them

-"The son of the father forgives his son, all his mistakes and gives him a second chance"- If people make mistakes we should give them a second chance.

Christians believe prisons are for reform but also as retribution to the victim and the victims family.

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Crime and Punishment- Christian Views on Law

"Everyone must obey the state authorities because no authorities exists with out Gods permission"  - The Bible

This is a reason to obey the law because God lets law exist so we should follow them. 

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Crime and Punishment- Why and How do we Punish Peo

AIM                           EXPLANATION                           EXAMPLE                

Protection--- Protects society from criminals                 Prison

                        and victims and offenders

Retribution-- Law is revenge for victim and             Death penalty and Prison

                         family of victim

Deterrence---Deter others from commiting                 Death penalty and Prison

                     or recommitting a crime

Reformation-Change criminals so they can              Prison Rehabilitation  

                     reintegrate into society 

Vindication--- Must punish those who                 ASBO's, Curfews and Tagging

                       break the law 

Repartition--- Put things right to make up               Community Service

                      for the crime committed 

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Crime and Punishment- Reasons for Committing a Cri

-Social Reasons- Influenced by others e.g. Peer pressure or upbringing

-Psychological Reasons- Mental Health or Personality e.g Cry for help

-Environmental Reasons- Where you live and circumstances e.g. upbringing/ home 

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Crime and Punishment- CofE Views on the Death Pena

"The taking of life as a penalty devalues human life... A reintroduction of capital punishments would be deprived"- It would be wrong to reintroduce the death penalty to Britain because it would devalue human life.

"Do not commit murder"- You should not kill anyone, even if they have killed themselves.

"Love your neighbor"- We should love people even if they have done wrong and give them a chance to change their ways.

- Don't lower yourself to their standard.

-We should forgive and forget.

-Mistakes could me made and you could made and an innocent person could be killed e.g. Derek Bentley.

-Don't punish murder with murder.

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Crime and Punishment- Catholic Views On Death Pena

"The traditional teaching of the Church has acknowledged the right to punish criminals... including in the cases of extreme gravity using the death penalty"- Catholic Church 1994- In extreme cases it's okay to use the death penalty as a form of punishment

"An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth"- Its fair to kill someone if they've killed.

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Mind and Body- Key Terms

Sancity of life- value of life.

Rehabilitation- get people off drugs.

Prescription drugs- drugs prescribed by the doctor.

Illegal Drugs- classified drugs, not legal.

Social Drugs- drugs taken with friends e.g. alcohol or caffeine but they can be legal or illegal. 

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Mind and Body-Effects of Drugs, Help and Law

-"Drinking too much makes you loud and foolish"- Proverbs-It effects the way you behave therefore disrespecting God, we must have control when we drink.

-"You don't belong to yourself, but to God"- Corthians, St. Paul- It disrespects God as he made you in his image and we have responsibility to our body.

-Your body is "a temple to the holy spirit"- treat your body as a temple- Gods spirit is kept there. He lives inside of us, were going against by taking drugs.

-"You knit me together in my mothers womb"- God created you, respect him as he gave you  life and "The sancity of life" is valuable.

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Mind and Body-Effects of Drugs, Help and Law

Humans are "made in the image of God"- Genesis- Don't destroy your self as God made you in the image if him self.

"You must love the lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind"- You need to be in the right frame of mind for worship and prayer, don't pollute it with drugs and alcohol.

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Poverty- Christians Beliefs- Quotes

-"What does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his soul"- You might be really rich but unhappy.

-"You can't serve both God and money"- You are more likely to worship God than money.

-"Love your neighbor as your self"- Help people who have less than your self- treat people how you would like to be treated.

-"Don't exploit the poor" don't money off people who have less than yourself or who don't have money.

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Poverty- Helping those in Poverty


Paying A fair price for produce and more for community projects so African farmers can compete with American farmers- ONLY HELPS SOME!!!

Burma Cyclone Disaster

May 2000, 80,000dead, 2.5million affected, orphaned children, illness, disease and death, infrastructure damaged. Response: Clan water and food, shelter, health care and medical assistance, clear roads, debris, bodies. Rebuild livelihoods, education, structure and distribute crops for foods.

Long Term Aid

Imidiate response= save lives

Long term response= sustainable aid, community improvement, get skills to help people, but must be emergency aid given first.

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Religious views on IVF

Catholics Disagree- "Only God should give and take life"

                             "Life begins at conception"

                             "Thou shalt not commit murder"

Spare or unused embryos maybe killed or die.

CofE Agree- Relative view- situation dependent "All life is good" e.g. if child will be bought in a loving, caring family.

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Religious views on AID (Artificial insemination by

Catholics Disagree- " Thou shalt not commit adultery"

                               AID is like cheating on a partener

CofE Agree- "Love on another"

                    Not ideal- but the most loving and kind thing to do in some situations,                            okay as a last resort. 

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Religious Views on AIH (Artificial insemination by

Catholics Disagree- "Only God should give and take life".

                               Disagree with scientific research on spare embryos-  

                               "Cloning is evil"

CofE Agree- "Love on another"

                    Not ideal- but the most loving and kind thing to do in some situations,                           okay as a last resort. 

                    Spare embryos can be used up to 14days old- diseases could be cured"

                    "Love your neighbor" Do the kindest thing to help one another.

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CofE view on Human Genetic Engineering & Embryolog

-"Research on embryos is okay up to 14days old"

-Love your self as your neighbour"

-All new life is good- however it's created"

-"Humans should use there intelligence to alleviate  suffering"

Church of England say it's okay to use to create new life instead of using the intelligence to create designer babies use it for stem cell research to combat diseases. 

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Catholic View on Human Genetic Engineering and Emb

"Sancity of Life"- Value of life.

"Only God give life"- God chooses to give and take life.

"Playing God"- Don't Play God.


"Don't commit murder"- Don't kill embryos.

"You knit me together in my mothers womb"-God creates you.

"Live begins at conception"- Don't kill embryos.

Catholics are against all human genetic engineering, test tube and designer babies.

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Religious Views on Organ Donation.

Christians- For organ donation.

-"Love your neighbour as yourself"- All ways act out of love- Jesus always treated people with people with love. Therefore they would agree with transplants as it's saving someone else's life.

 Jehovas Witnesses 

-"You must nor eat the blood or any sort of flesh"- Interpret this to mean it's wrong to take someone else's blood and/or organs into your body. 

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Religious views on Blood Transfusion

Christians- for Blood Transfusion.

-"Love your neighbour as your self"- Giving blood is an act of love and charity.

Jehovah's Whitenesses 

-"Do not consume blood"- Giving blood is wrong, it is the same as drinking blood and could harm someone else, and it is wrong for it to enter your body.

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