Religion And Human Experience Keywords

Religion And Human Experience Keywords;

1) religion and state

2) religion and conflict

3) religion and medicine

4) religious expression

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religion and conflict (6)

Conflict; Clashes and breakdowns of relationships.

Just War;  A war undertaken to protect the innocent and those being violated and to restore peace and justice.

Non-Violent Protest  Showing disaproval without damaging property or causing any threat.

Pacifism; The belief that any type of violance or war is unacceptable.

Reconcilliation; bringing harmony to a situation of disagreement ond discord.

Interfaith Dialogue;  Exploring common grounds between different faith groups.

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religion and medicine (6)

Sanctity Of Life; The belief that life is precious and utterly priceless.

Qaulity Of Life; The extent to which life is meaningful and pleasurable.

Medical Ethics; The moral principles that affects medical issues and practice.

Hippocratic Oath; A special promise made by those working in medicine to do their best to preserve life.

Conscience; An innate moral sense that guides actions and responses.

Free Will; The belief that nothing id determined.

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religious expression (6)

Identity; The sense of who you are in terms of attitudes, character and personailty.

Community;  A group of people who are joined together because they share something in common.

Sacred;  Something to be revered and respected above other things.

Faith;  To have trust or confidence

Pilgrimage;  A form of spiritual adventure.

Evangelism;  Spreading a faith or religion to others.

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religion and state (6)

Authority; Right or power over others.

Duty;  Something you do because it is the accepted behaviour or pattern.

Justice;  Where everyone had equal provisions and opportunities.

Human Rights;  Something a person is entitled to because they are human.

Personal Conviction;  Something a peron strongly feels or believes in.

Punishment;  A penalty given to someone for a crime or wrong they have done.

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