Religion And Human Experiences


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  • Religion And Human Experiences.
    • MaRiaa Nasim
    • Religion and Conflict  (1)
      • Non-Violent Protest
        • Making a stand using entirely peaceful means.
      • Just War
        • A War justified according to agreed conditions e.g Just cause.
      • Pacifism
        • The belief that any form of violence or war is unacceptable.
      • Interfaith dialogue
        • Different faith groups talking to each other.
      • Reconciliation
        • Making up after a dispute and working together again.
      • Confllict
        • Confrontation between people.
    • Religious Expression (3)
      • Identity
        • Personality and character.
      • Faith
        • Having a belief in someone or something.
      • Pilgrimage
        • A journey to a place of religious significance.
      • Evangelism
        • How some religions spread their beliefs to others, usually by telling them about the faith.
      • Sacred
        • Something so special that's dedicated to God and should be respected.
      • Community
        • A group of people with something in common.
    • Authority-Religion and State (4)
      • Justice
        • Where everyone has equal opportunities and human rights.
      • Human Rights
        • The things a person should expect to be able to have or do.
      • Duty
        • What is expected because of someones job or responsibility
      • Personal Conviction
        • Something a person feels strongly about.
      • Authority
        • Someone or something with a right or power over others.
      • Punishment
        • To make someone suffer pain or loss for a wrongdoing.
    • Religion and Medicine (2)
      • Quality Of Life
        • The extent to which life is meaningful and pleasurable.
      • Hippocratic Oath
        • A promise that doctors take to preserve life at all costs.
      • Medical Ethics
        • The process of deciding what is good and acceptable in medicine
      • Free Will
        • The Belief the humans have free choices in life.
      • Sanctity Of Life
        • All life is sacred.
      • Conscience
        • An inner voice that keeps a person on the right track.


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