Religion and Medicine: Key terms

Religion and human experience, wjec religious studies specification B

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  • Religion & medicine key terms.
    • Conscience
      • 'inner voice' keeps people on right track
      • God given instict/ characteristic.
      • helps people make right choices.
    • Free will.
      • Humans have free choices in life
      • Religions teach people to do right
      • Follow God & religious commands
    • Hippocratic oath
      • Promise doctors take to preserve life at all costs
      • treating patients to best of ability
      • never intend to harm/ breach patient confidentiality
    • Medical ethics
      • Deciding what's good/ acceptable
      • Such as through conscience
      • apply religious values to medical issues.
    • Quality of life
      • Life meanigful/ pleasurable
      • Free from undue pain and stress
      • Religious: live life to the full
    • Sancitity of life
      • Life in all forms are sacred
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