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Revision cards with key words for RE WJEC.


Religion and Conflict

Conscience-An inner voice that allows a person to morally choose between what is right and wrong, that allows one to stay on the right track.


Just War – A war undertaken to protect the innocent or those being violated to restore justice and peace, it is usually taken as a last resort and must be justified according to agreed conditions. The outcome of the war must be better than before.


Pacifism – The belief that any form of violence or war is unacceptable, thus avoiding all kinds of harm and violence towards others.

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Religion and Conflict

Non-violent Protest – Showing disapproval and making a stand without causing any means of harm or threat, and is usually based around peaceful means.

Reconciliation –It means bringing back harmony in a relationship after having had a conflict by reaching an agreement between one another.

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Religion and Medicine

Conception – When the ovum and the sperm meet; when a human egg is fertilised

Embryology – The science of living things as they grow in their early stages, which deals with the embryos and life forms in their very beginning


Quality of Life – Reaching a part of life when there is no stress, anxiety of pain, to an extent which life is meaningful and pleasurable.

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Transplant – Placing an organ from a door into that of a person whose life is in danger.


Sanctity of Life – Life in all forms is sacred, and thus no one has the right to take of deny it

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Religious Expression

Sacred – Something special that is to be respected and dedicated to God

Holy – Something that is special and sacred, and derived from God or religion

Pilgrimage – A journey to a sacred and holy place which is of religious significance, and isdone to fulfil a religious or spiritual purpose

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Religious Expression


Symbolism – Representation through symbols or icons which have special meanings

Interfaith Dialogue – Discussing and sharing views and ideas between members of different religious backgrounds and faiths

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Authority, Religion and State

Law – Written rules and agreed limits to behaviour and actions expected within a community of people.

Community – A group of people with something in common

Duty – Something a person is expected to do, or be, because it is the law or part of acontract, and is expected as a result of conscience and religious beliefs.

Human Rights – Something to which a person is entitled because they are human

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Authority, Religion and State

Justice – Where everyone regardless of race, gender, religion or age has equal provisions and opportunities, and has the freedom from oppression

Injustice- Where not everyone has equal provisions or opportunites.

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