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re key words for edexcel year 11 catholic and christianity paper 

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Believing in God Key Words

conversion: when your life is changed by giving yourself to God

miracle: something which seems to break a law of science and makes you tink only God could have done it

Numinous: the feeling of the presence of something greater than you

prayer: an attempt to contact God usually through words

agnosticism: not being sure whether God exists

atheism: believing that God does not exist

free will: the ides that human beings are free to make their own choices

moral evil: actions done by humans which cause suffering

natural evil: things which cause evil and suffering but have nothing to do with humans

omni-benevolent: the belief that God is all good

omnipotent the belief that God is all powerful

omniscient: the belief that God knows everything that has happened and everything that is going to happen

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matters of life and death keywords

immortality of the soul: the idea that the soul lives on after the death of the body

resurrection: the belief that after death, the body stays in the grave until the end of the world, when it is raised

near-death experience: when someone about to dies has an out of body experience

paranormal: unexplained things which are thought to have spiritual causes for example ghosts, mediums

reincarnation: the belief that, after death, the souls are reborn into a new body

abortion: the removal of the foetus from the womb before it can survive

sanctity of life: the belief that life is holy and belongs to God

assisted suiside  

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