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Christian Teachings

Stewardship - We must look after earth for God.

"The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it." - We must therefore respect it.

God created the world. It was a "good" creation.

"Love thy neighbour" - Don't destroy the world as it belongs to everyone.

Dominion over every living thing

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Muslim Teachings

"The world is green and beautiful, and Allah has appointed you his stewards over it" - We must be grateful for Allah's creations and look after it.

Khalifah / Stewarship - We must look after the Earth for Allah.

"The world was created as a place of worship"

"For God loves those who do good" - Allah favours people who care for the planet.

"Whoever acts righteous... we give a new life" - If you look after planet well, you will be rewarded in paradise with a new life.

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Buddhist Teachings

The First Precept - "Do not harm"

Karma - Bad karma from destroying the Earth.

Right Action - Doing good things for the planet e.g. recycling.

Right Intention - Aim to look after the planet.

"Just as a bee takes the nectar without destroying the flower so should we take what we need without destroying the Earth."

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Origins of Life

Christian and Islam:

God created the world from nothing in six 'days'.

First the world, then animals, then humans.

On the seventh day God rested, the Earth was 'good'.

Big Bang Theory:

Twenty billion years ago there was a huge explosion that caused a cloud of dust and ash which formed the universe and planets.

Proteins and acids fused together - life forms began.

These developed into animals and eventually, 5 million years ago, humans.

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Earth's Problems

Global Warming - an increase in the Earth's climate due to man-made gases going into the atmosphere. Lead to problem's such as risning seas and severe weather patterns.

Deforestation - Cutting down trees for resources whilst destroying natural habitats for endangered species.

Pollution - excess of anything which damages the environment e.g. oil spills pollute the sea and kill birds and sea life.

Acid rain - air pollution turns rain acidic which leads to building erosion and water pollution.

Wasting natural resources - the high use of non-renewable resources e.g. gas and oil that will one day run out.

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How Can People Help?

Recycle more.

Turn of electricity when not using.

Don't waste water.

Walk instead of taking the car.

Donate to environmental charities or join organisation e.g. Greenpeace.

Religious believers can also pray for guidance.

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International Efforts

Earth Summit - meetings from governments across the world every ten years to discuss environmental issues.

Sustainable development - projects that can continue for future generations without being replaced or replenished.

Assisi declarations - a meeting in 1986 of the five major religions to discuss environmental issues and work together to preserve Earth for future generations.

Friends of the Earth - a network of 70 environmental organizations from around the world.

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Key Words

Awe - a feeling of respect mixed with fear or wonder. To amazing to comprehend.

Conservation - when a group or person acts to preserve or protect something.

Responsibility - the duty someone has for something.

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