Christianity All key words from Perspectives on Christian Ethics book

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Topic 1 Religion and Human Relationship

Adultery: A married person having a sexual relationship with somone they're not married to.

Annulment: A marriage is ended because it's not valid

Civil Partnership: Two people from the same sex have a legal ceremony which says they're legally together 

Commitment: Is a bond between a couple

Divorce: The legal ending of a marriage

Pre-martial sex: Having a sexual relationship before your married

Promiscuity: Having lots of sexual partners without out commitment

Re-marriage:When you get married again after being divorce, annulment or being a window

Sacrament:Is a special action which brings Christians closer to God

Vows: Sacred promises a couple make at their wedding ceremony

Topic 2 Religion and Medical Ethics

Abortion: Deliberate termination of pregnancy by removal and destruction of the foetus

Clone: An individual organism or cell produced asexually from one ancestor to which they are genetically identical

Embryo: A foetus before it is 4 months old

Euthanasia: When someone is helped to die without pain before they would have died naturally

Fertility treatment: Medical treatment to help a women become pregnant

Genetic engineering: The deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material

Medical Ethics: Questions of morality that are raised by medical situations

Sacered/Sanctity: Holy. having some thing of God or the divine

Sanctity of Life: The believe that all life is given by God and is therefore sacred

Suicide: Deliberately ending one's own life

Topic 3 Religion, Poverty and Wealth

Charity: To give hep or money to those in need

Compassion: Sympathy and concern for others

Ecumenical: Different christian denominations working together

Immoral: Not conforming to accept standards of behaviour. Doing bad things

LEDC: Less economically developed country

MEDC: More economically developed country

Philanthropist: Someone who donates money,goods, services or time…


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