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Religion and Society
Topic 2 The Environment…read more

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Global Warming
Greenpeace concerned by how we're treating our
environment, in particular global warming, which
leads to more disease, ice-caps melting, polar
bears dying, rising sea levels will lead to floods,
more extreme weather, famine, droughts, more
Greenpeace say 150,000 people die per year due to
climate change & in 50yrs 1/3 of all land based
species could face extinction
Cause-burning fossil fuels, 2/3 energy generated in
UK power stations lost as waste heat!
Solutions-invest in renewable technology e.g.
wind/solar power to cut carbon emissions…read more

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Land pollution-burning rubbish toxic ash &
gases, each person in UK throws away 4x body
weight in rubbish per year
Sea pollution-chemical pollution from factories
seas & food chains of polar bears sterile. 1
million seabirds killed per year due to discarded
plastic, raw sewage & radioactive waste discharged
into sea
Air Pollution-poor quality air 32,000 premature
deaths in UK per year, smog & pollutants acid
rain. Damages lungs, creates breathing problems &
nose/throat irritations, can make asthma worse
Solution-recycle, buy fair-trade goods, think
before buying, avoid products with excess
packaging…read more

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Christians & Environment
`Then the Lord God placed the man in the
Garden of Eden to cultivate and guard it'
responsibility to care for environment, backed
up by other rules in Old Testament, e.g. fruit
trees not destroyed when attacking city,
working animals rest every 7th day, land rests
every 7th year
`God looked at everything he has made & he
was very pleased.' God owns planet, we
shouldn't destroy his creation. Jesus lived in
much simpler time, barely harmed earth.
Interpret Jesus' Sermon on the Mount to mean
we should share Earth's resources fairly…read more

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Christians & Environment
Parable of Gold Coins we have responsibility to
hand earth onto next generation in better state
than they found it. Day of Judgement-judged on
how they've treated God's world
Stewardship-God owns planet & loans it to
humans for use in lifetime, at end of time must be
returned to rightful owner in good condition.
Shouldn't exploit planet by harming it/wasting
resources. Should work in harmony with God's
Effects of teachings-try to reduce carbon
footprint/focus on responsibility to share Earth's
resources equally E.g. Christian Aid helps those in
developing world make sustainable way of living…read more

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Islam & Environment
`We are God's stewards & agents on Earth. We are not
masters of this earth: it does not belong to us to do
what we wish. It belongs to God and he has entrusted
us with it's safe keeping.' Qur'an says Allah created
world and everything in it for a purpose, part of his
plan. Allah believes everything is interlinked so if one
life form is damaged upset link harms planet
Khalifah-Arabic word for idea of stewardship. 1st
khalifah was Adam: `I am placing on earth one who
shall rule as my deputy'-Qur'an
`World is green & beautiful & Allah has appointed you
steward over it.'-Muhammad
Want to report to Allah on Day of Judgement that they'
ve been faithful khalifah…read more

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