Psychology Essay Plans: Relationships


Sexual Selection

Sexual selection is an evolutionary explanation

  • Why some characteristics that may seem disadvantageous actually become advantageous

Human reproductive behaviour

These characteristics are attractive to potential mates


  • The differences between male and female gametes

Male sex cells- small, mobile, continuous supply, don't require a great energy expenditure

Female sex cells- large, static, produced at intervals, limited, requires large energy investment

Therefore fertile women are rare 'resources'

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Sexual Selection

Anisogamy gives rise to two  mating strategies:

  • Inter-sexual selection

Between the sexes

Males use to select females/ females use to select males

  • Intra-sexual selection

Within each sex

Strategies to be the one that is selected

  • Inter-sexual selection

Preferred by females

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Sexual Selection

Quality over quantity

Ova more rare than sperm 

She needs to be more selective before investing her resources

Optimum mating strategy- genetically fit partner, will provide resources

Ronald Fisher- Runaway strategy 

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