Events In Middle Adulthood

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For the purpose of this essay this relates to Information Psychological Effects of marriage General Evaluation
the period after adolescence and before late
adulthood so 20- 60 years old.
Marriage It has normative age- grade influences Gross: "it is not being married as such Marriage isn't experienced by everyone
because it tends to happen at the but rather the qualities and pattern of in the same way and in some
same time for all. 90% of adults marry the relationship, characteristics of the marriages from other cultures are
at least once. Marriage and the partner and the consequences of missed e.g. arranged marriages.
arrangement of marriage can be a very marriage for the individual's lifestyle
stressful time. Davies identified that matter". Cohabitating people are It is culturally biased as it's research
psychological disorders occurring for happier, healthier, and live longer and just focusses on western culture.
the first time was usually in those who have fewer psychological disorders
The research doesn't look within
were engaged. These disorders were than those without a partner. Married
cultures. It fails to look at other forms
mainly anxiety and depression and men seem to benefit the most whilst
of marriage such as same sex
often were surrounding a specific event unmarried men are the worst off. Bee
marriages or civil partnerships and is
in the wedding e.g. booking reception. believes married adults are less
therefore biased. Up-to- date research
(EVAL= lacks temporal validity as it was vulnerable to disease and distress is
needs to be taken to give a more
done over 50 years ago). He then because the support that they receive
representative view.
found that when the wedding was from their partner acts as a buffer. Men
called off, the disorder improved. He use women as a buffer as they have
then concluded that it was the decision limited amount of confidantes outside
to marry rather than the act of getting the relationship whilst women can use
married. Other research has indicated friends instead which is why the
that people are less likely to divorce if woman usually copes better when the
they have co- habited before marrying. marriage breaks down. Attitudes
Bee believes that this is because those towards women and careers have
who cohabit are different in the first changed a lot recently. Rutter and
place. They are more willing to flout Rutter focus on Levinson's idea of
traditional roles and to end a gender splitting where men can focus
relationship rather than carry on no their dreams solely on careers while
women focus on careers and marriage

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Little systematic
Effects of Parenthood Stress and Dissatisfaction Positive Effects of Parenthood
Parenthood According to Erikson, after we resolve the conflict It was found that parenthood was the 6th most Empty Nest Syndrome is usually portrayed as
of intimacy vs. isolation we move on to the stressful event out of 102. It was believed that being negative event. Indeed Levinson and
conflict of generativity vs. stagnation.…read more

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