Essay Plan for the Influence of Childhood on Adult Relationships

To be used when user already knows the content of the course.

This is an abbreviated essay plan which i used in preparation for my A2 Psychology exam for the AQA exam board.

This was made to refresh memory and for structure.

It is probably not what you're looking for if you want to know details of each study.

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Essay Plan 5 ­ Influence of childhood on adult relationships
PARENT-CHILD: Define Shaver et al (1988)
Attachment, Care-giving & Sexuality in infancy
effect affect adult s
Bowlby (1969) - internal working m/continuity hyp
A Adult s are continuation of early attachment style
(s (secure/insecure) ­ expects same that primary attach
attachment figure promoted in infancy
C Learn how to care for others by modelling PAF
S Those with `avoidant attachment' more likely to
think think sex without love is pleasurable
$ Simpson et al (2007) ­ studied at 4 key stages
Found social competence higher throughout if
secure securely attached as infant
Synoptic - Longitudinal ­ over 25 years so no retrospective data
which which may be inaccurate
$ Harlow (1978) ­ Rhesus monkeys with insecure attac
attachment from separation from mother later showe showed
inappropriate social behaviour
Synoptic - Not poss to cause social dep in children ­ ethics still?
Care when applying to humans
W Stability of att type assoc with current not just
c childhood e.g. Happily married couples (secure)
$ Kirkpatrick & Hazan (1994) ­ B/Ups = shift
f from secure to insecure
Childhood abuse has negative effects on adults
psych psychological functioning (affecting adult s)
$ Springer et al (2007) ­ More likely to report
increased <depression, anger & anxiety than non abused
Synoptic - Method ­ self report, exaggerating?
$ Van Der Kolk & Fisler (1994) ­ form disorganised
a atts (diff regulating emots ­ key in F & M of s )
$ Berenson & Andersen (2006) ­ only if reminded of
abs abusive parent, process of transference =
Inappropriate inappropriate behaviour in adult
Synoptic - Determinism ­ if abused as child, no hope for future s

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INTERACTION WITH PEERS: Define Childhood friendships affect adult s as having a
friend friend to confide in promote trust and acceptance (im
(important in adult s)
$ Qualter & Munn (2005) ­ learn from exps with other
c children. Internalised exps form thoughts about self a
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Hi, for this essay plan what does the abbreviation of 'Ps' for? 

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