Population& Resources

World population. Renewable& non- renewable resources. Fossil fuels& global warming. Alternative energy


World population& distribution.

Population is the amount of any living thing in an area.

The distribution of people throughout the wrold is uneven.

Sparsly populated; not many people living in area.

Densly populated; lots of people living in an area.

A resource is something that we need in order to live.

Birth rate- no. of babies born in every 1000 people per year.

Death rate- no. of people who die in every 1000  people per year.

Natural increase- birth rate minus death rate per every 1000 people per year.

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High undernourishment; China, Russia, somalia, Mexico& Indonesia.

Low undernourishment; Canada, United states of America, Australia, United kingdom& Argentina

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Renewable& non-renewable resources

Natural resource- people can't make. Eg. Oil& water

Man-made- people can make. Eg. T.V, Laptop& Processed food.

Renewable- can be used over& over again. Eg. the sun, wind& rain

Non- renewable- can be used only once. Eg. batteries, food& diamond.

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Fossil Fuels& global warming

Gas& oil; Plankton lived years ago, they died&sank to the bottom of the sea. The plankton were pushed further to the bottom of the sea. Plankton were heated& pressurised so much it turned in rock& then gas& oil.

Coal; Trees& plants live years ago, they died& rotted underground& pressed by rock& minerals.Vegetation AKA peat dries up & turns into coal. Mines are there so coal can be dug up.

Gases& oil are found close together. Microbes are broken down to produce methane.

Fossil Fuels are being burnt, more CO2 is being produced& released into our amptoshere and damages the O-Zone layer.

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Alternative Energy

Solar, wind, wave & hydroelectric are all types of renewable energy.

Solar energy; the sun is used for electricity via solar panels.

Wind energy; wind is used for electricity via wind turbines& farms.

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