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some words and there meanings used in population

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Population distribution shows how people are spread over an area. The worlds population is unevenly spread.

Population density is the number of people in an area.

population = area km2


Scottish Highlands 8 per km2 - sparse

Centre London 4400 per km2 - dense

Population explosion is when the worlds population is increasing very fast.

Birth rate - number of live births per 1000 population per year

Death rate - number of deaths per 1000 population per year

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Natural change - the difference between the birth rate and the death rate

Population is also affected by migration

Immigrants - move in

Emmigrants - move out

A push factor is when people want to move away from things they don't like e.g. wars and a shortage of food

A pull factor is when people move to a place with things they like e.g. Education and family links

LEDC - Less economically developed country

MEDC - More economically developed country

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