Effects of unwise use of resources 

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  • Effects of unwise use of resources
    • Happening of unwise use
      • Resources are damaged, resources are used up more quickly
      • Effect- might not be available in the future
      • Soil erosion- poor farming methods, polluting water and air- chemicals from farm, mines and industry, not replacing trees, not controlling rate which resources used, using machinery that wastes resources
    • Over-fishing
      • Drastically reduced number of fish in oceans. Fish stocks collapse 2050
      • Affects people depend on it for food and for a job
      • causes- can catch more fish than in the past (large fleets, factory ships, electronic fish finders, More fish needed to feed growing population, little international laws to control number of fish taken from oceans
      • effects- reduces amount of food to eat, affect plants and animals in oceans, increased poverty, not able to reproduce fast (declining quickly) becoming extict-  sword fish and bluefin tuna
    • Over-grazing
      • Happens when too many animals on piece of land. Eat plants faster than reproduction so land becomes degraded
      • Effects- bare patches of soil, weeds and alien plants replace grass, soil erosion by wind and water, dams have soil (washed off land), animals become sick, animals are weak and have fewer offspring, land not a useful resource
    • Sustainable fishing
      • Scientists need info on how much fish to catch to make it sustainable- helps to plan sustainable fishing strategies
      • Quota- Tons of certain fish species allowed to be taken. Calculated by sustainability levels. Size restrictions, quotas and bans for certain species slowed down the rate
      • Countries have voluntary marine protected areas
        • provide safe place for fish stocks to breed and grow, protect important habitats from human damage, 10% of oceans should be protected, 19% of SA coastline protected
      • Fishing methods and Techniques
        • Modern methods- catch lots of fish. 25% thrown away cannot be eaten. Shrimp trawling (dragging large net behind fishing boat) is worst other bad bottom trawling.
          • Mesh sizes of commercial fish nets catch a number of small fish this damages natural breeding and reproductive rates
        • control fishing methods- set size for mesh nets, make some nets illegal, try and stop destructive fishing methods
        • Southern Africa Sustainable Seafood Initiative given list of endangered  fish show which can buy
          • Green: hake & yellowtail stable popluations can buy Orange: Kingklip, Cape salmon over-fishing be avioded Red: Galjoen and white stumpnose protected and can not be sold legally


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