Sparse and Dense Population

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  • Sparse and Dense Population
    • Physical Reasons
      • High land that is mountainous (unable to live on) may be sparsely populated eg Himalayas
      • Areas with temperate climates tend to be densely populated as there is enough rain and heat to grow crops eg UK
      • Areas rich in resources tend to be densely populated eg Western Europe
      • Areas with few resources tend to be sparsely populated
      • Areas with extreme climates tend to be sparsely populated eg Sahara
    • Human Reasons
      • Some groups of people like to be isolated eg Scandinavians
      • Good job opportunities encourage high population densities, esp in big cities
      • Groups of people may want to live close together, eg USA
      • Limited job opportunites cause some areas to be sparsely populated
    • Possibly Historical Reasons
      • Countries with stable governments tend to have a high population density eg Singapore
      • Unstableries tend to have lower population densities as people migrate eg Afghanistan
  • These reasons are also human reaons, but they will have been influenced by history


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