Poetry from Different Cultures Summaries

Poetry from Different Cultures Summaries


Search For My Tongue

  • Explores family uncertanty
  • Afraid of losing original language
  • Experiences of speaking and thinking in two languages
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Half Caste

  • Mocks the term of 'half caste'
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Unrelated Incidents

  • Spoken by BBC newsreader
  • Explains why the BBC thinks it is important to read the news in a 'BBC accent'
  • A newsreader would never usually reveal prejudices directly to the viewer this way
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Love After Love

  • Expressing to the reader how to love ourselves again after an end to a relationship
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This Room

  • Creates and impression of seeking freedom
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Not My Business

  • Expresses views of the actions taken by repressive regimes such as the one that exists in his own country
  • He is essentially saying it is 'Not his business' if people are taken, but then no'one is left to save himwhen he is taken
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Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan

  • Describes clothing and jewellery that has been sent to her from Pakistan
  • Feels awkard that she feels more comfortable to wear english clothing and jewellery
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Hurricane Hits England

  • A women living in England is woken by a hurricane
  • Addresses the wind as a God
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