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Poetry from Different Cultures - Revision

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Search For My Tongue ­ By Sujata Bhatt


This poem is about the poet's personal experiences moving to another country, where she had to learn a
different language and culture. The poet is exploring her identity by discussing the language she speaks.
She points out that life's difficult to…

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Unrelated Incidents ­ By Tom Leonard


It's about attitudes to accents and dialects and how people are characterized by the way they speak.
Accent ­ the way we say words
Dialect ­ particular words used in one part of the country
It's based on a daily event, which is…

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Half ­ Caste ­ By John Agard


This poem is an objection to the use of the word "half ­ caste" which means "of mixed race". The poet
does not like the word "half" because he think it implies that "half" is less than full and so "half ­…

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Love After Love ­ By Derek Walcott


This poem is open to interpretation about what kind of love is being discussed. Nobody can say for sure
so make up your own mind, as long as you have reasons this is true.
Some possible meanings are;
Love of another person…

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This Room ­ By Imtaiz Dharker


This poem is another ambiguous (unclear about the meaning) poem.
Possible meanings are;
The items in the room are trying to escape. They are looking for "space" and "light" and "air" which
symbolize freedom.
The poet is discussing how we should welcome the…

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Not My Business ­ By Niyi Osundare


This poem is about how people are treated unfairly by the authorities and what could happen if nobody
helps. It discusses the danger of a culture where people worry only about themselves. Three characters
in the poem are treated unfairly but people…

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Presents from My Aunts In Pakistan ­ By Moniza Alvi


This poem is about a girl who belongs to two cultures, because she was born in Pakistan but lives in
England. The girl is sent traditional clothes from Pakistan but would rather wear English clothes as she
feels Pakistani…

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Hurricane Hits England ­ By Grace Nichols


This poem is about a hurricane, which is frightening but also makes the poet remember hurricanes in her
homeland - the Caribbean. The hurricane represents her confused feelings about belonging to two
cultures. At the end of the poem, she realizes that…

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Links between Each Poem

Love after Love
Not My Business

1st Person

Search for My Tongue
Unrelated Incidents
Half - Caste
Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan


Search for My Tongue
Unrelated Incidents
Half - Caste
Love after Love
Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan
Hurricane Hits England…


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