English: Poet Backgrounds: Derek Walcott [Love After Love]


Some contextual information on poet Derek Walcott.

Including this in your essays will help you achieve the higher grades as it shows you understand the influences on the poet and their personal circumstances!


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Poetry From Different Cultures
Love After Love
Derek Walcott
THE POET Derek Walcott Caribbean. Walcott was born in the West
Indies, on the island of St. Lucia. He was born to an African mother and
English father much of his poetry explores the issues of his cultural
identity. He has written poetry in both English and West Indian dialects.
Walcott has also had a hand at writing plays and painting.
THE POET'S INSPARATION `Love After Love' is based on discovering
one's identity claims Walcott, he describes how as human beings
mature they often assume they know who they are and act in
accordance however, it is "as they grow their identity develops".
Walcott believes we can never truly understand our identity due to it
constantly being morphed by the events of our life.
OTHER CONTEXTUAL DETAILS Walcott was awarded the Nobel Prize for
Literature in 1992.
"The process of poetry,
is one of excavation
and self discovery."
Derek Walcott
Luke Pattison,


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