English: Poet Backgrounds: John Agard [Half Caste]


Some contextual information on poet John Agard.

Including this in your essays will help you achieve the higher grades as it shows you understand the influences on the poet and their personal circumstances!


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Poetry From Different Cultures
Half Caste
John Agard
THE POET John Agard AfroGuyanese. Agard was born in the city of
Guyana. He is mixed race his mother was Portuguese and his father
Black. In 1977 he moved to England.
THE POET'S INSPARATION Agard enjoys life in England, in an interview
he claimed what he likes most notably is "the diversity of cultures here, it
is very exciting". Although he is not best pleased by the negative stimuli
surrounding racial origins. He chose to name his poem `halfcaste', an
offensive term used by many to describe people of mixed race, Agard
does not see why the colour of someone's skin should define how they
are perceived.
OTHER CONTEXTUAL DETAILS Agard worked as a travelling lecturer for
some time, he would travel around the country to different schools in the
UK and spread knowledge of Caribbean culture.
"This imposition of half, half,
half on a person's total human
complexity implies that some sort
of 'purity' has been subverted.
A child of mixed race is a tangible,
loving expression of human beings
from different cultural backgrounds
getting together that should be seen
not as something threatening, but as
something enriching..."
Luke Pattison,

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Poetry From Different Cultures
John Agard
Luke Pattison,…read more


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