English: Poet Backgrounds: Moniza Alvi [Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan]


Some contextual information on poet Moniza Alvi.

Including this in your essays will help you achieve the higher grades as it shows you understand the influences on the poet and their personal circumstances!


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Poetry From Different Cultures
Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan
Moniza Alvi
THE POET Moniza Alvi Pakistani. Alvi was born in the city of Lahore,
Pakistan. She is mixed race her mother was English and her father
Pakistani. After a few months of her having being born, Alvi and her
family uprooted to Hatfield, England. She had never returned to
Pakistan until after her first collection of poems, `The Country Over My
Shoulder' was published.
THE POET'S INSPARATION Moniza Alvi explains how she wrote many of
her poems on Pakistan, before she had returned their as an adult, due
to her keen interest in the country's culture. During her childhood she
did not only study at school, absorb British culture, but she also
discovered her Pakistani roots. During the time she may have found it
confusing but Alvi now holds her heritage very close to her heart.
OTHER CONTEXTUAL DETAILS Alvi worked as a high school teacher for
some time, she is currently a freelance writer and tutor at the `Poetry
School', she lives in Norfolk with her family.
"... The girl in the poem would have been
me, at about 13. The clothes seem to stick
to her, in an uncomfortable way, a bit like a
kind of false skin, and she thinks things aren't
straightforward for her.
I found it was important to write, the Pakistan
poems because, I was getting in touch with my
background. And maybe there's a bit of a
message behind the poems about something
I went through, that I want to maybe open a few
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Poetry From Different Cultures
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