AQA GCSE PE Chapter 7- School and Physical Education

Complete notes on Chapter 7 of the AQA GCSE PE Syllabus. This includes:

  • National curriculum requirements
  • National Healthy Schools Programme (NHSP)
  • Extra-Curricular Provision 

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School and Physical Education

Why PE is offered:

Improves health and fitness.
To provide a balance between practical
and theory lessons.
Prepares people for when they leave
Provides qualifications e.g. GCSE,
Reflect the importance of sport on

PE is made available by:

Timetabled lessons
Extracurricular activities

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Developed in 2003 Developed in 2008
2 Hours timetabled + 2 hours 2 Hours timetabled + 3 hours
extra curricular extra curricular
Work strands
Specialist sport colleges Club links
School sports partnerships Coaching
Professional Development Competition festivals etc...
teachers, staff
Step into sport Disability Inclusion
School/ Club links…

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Extra Curricular Provisions

Activity Range

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The range of activities outside of school will be better because
they don't have to provide traditional sports.

Some sport may be recreational or competitive.

Attitudes of Staff

Their attitudes, interests and abilities will affect the amount or type
of provision. Not all will want to help out with PE…




A well summarised document for a topic that pupils find a bit boring and long-winded. Thanks for the simplicity!

Darth Sidious


i agree very easily explained



this is brilliant 

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