Perspectives on world religions: Christianity

Hi, here are some bits n bobs about the christianity unit, hope it helps :)

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The origin of the world

Most Christians believe in the creation story from Genesis.God made the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th.

Day 1: Day and Night
Day 2: Sky and water
Day 3: Land and vegetation
Day 4: Stars, the sun and the moon
Day 5: Sea and sky creatures
Day 6 : other land creatures and last but not least, humans

Religion asks "Why" question, whereas science asks "how" questions.

Some theories you should be aware of:

Creationism- mentioned above, God created all
The Big Bang theory- All existing matter came from a huge cosmic explosion that took place 15-20 billion years ago.
Intelligent design- The universe is to complex to come from nothing. Matter cannot be created nor destroyed, therefor there may have been a superior being who started it all.

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The Origin of humanity

Christians believe: God created Adam and then his 'helper' Eve was made from Adam's rib. God then told them to 'Be fruitful and multiply'. This is what Christians believe humans originated from

The theory of Evolution: This is a widely known theory and accepted by many. Humans were not created as we are seen today, instead we have 'evolved' (changed to adapt to our environment) over millions of years, most likely from something that was much simpler than what we see ourselves today. Christians reject this theory as it goes against the teachings of the bible.

Literalist Christians believe the creation story in the bible word for word. More modern Christians may say that the creation story in the bible should be considered mythical as it is not factually accurate however all Christians would agree that God created and put everything into existence.  

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War and peace

War causes destruction, death and disease. It kills the innocent and damages the lives and property of people. Often people who have fought in wars return with Post Taumatic Stress Disorder, flash backs of horrific memories that effect them for long periods of time.

Pacifism is the belief that all war is wrong and that peace should be the central value to pursue

Quakers would not fight in a war but instead would offer to help treat victims/soldiers in wars.

Just war: A war could take place if its future benefits would cancel out the problems that it may cause. A just war is one where minimal damage and force is used and is fought in a beter war. For a just war to occur:

  • Politicians must make the final decision if a war is to occur, not military
  • Civilians shouldn't be harmed, fighting should only occur within the armies
  • Farms and vegetation shouldn't be damaged and trees shouldn't be cut down
  • Excessive force should not be used.
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Continued War and Peace

Jesus preached love and not to hate. The Bible says to "love thy neighbor". One of the 10 commandments is "thou shall not kill". Therefor Christians would say that war is not a good option.

Some may approve of war if it is for the better of a country and if it is for freedom.

War should be a last resort

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The environment

Humans were the last thing God created, according to the Bible, therefor we are more important than other creatures and so we rule them, this idea is known as 'Dominion'.

The world is a loan from God, one day it will be returned to him, animals and plants are God's creatures, we should respect and care for them, this is known as Stewardship.

Christians believe that what makes humans special is that we have souls, animals do not.

We should use animals for food, when they are killed for meat the should be killed in a respectful manner and excessive pain should be avoided.

Christians may support the use of animals for medical research as the possible benefits for humankind would make it worthwhile. 

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