Notes about pasta. Hope it helps :)

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There are two different types of pasta ; Pasta Secca and Pasta Fatta in casa, Oasta Secca is dried pasta, usually made from flour and water paste while Pasta Fatta is home made egg pasta. 

Home made pasta relies on the skill of the maker with a rollin pin and sharp knife or a somple pasta machine which passes the dough between rollers to create a limited selection of shapes. 

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Main groups

Pasta can be classived into five main groups

  • Shapes for coating with a smooth sauce e.g. spaghetti, tagilatelle, fusilli, cappelletti this is when the pasta is tossed in the sauce before serving to make a complete dish
  • Shapes that catch with good bits e.g. farfalle, fussili, penne, rigatoni shell  this is when the pasta is prepared with a textured sauce to serve with pasta like ham, salami, prawn, mushroom or other vegetable dice
  • Pasta for stuffing e.g. cannelloni this is when pasta is stuffed with ravioli or tortellini
  • Lasagne and other pastas for baking  this is when you sandwich pasta between layers of meat sauce under a pastry crust
  • Fine pasta for soups e.g. vermicelli when pasta is used for soup but in novelty shape like alphabet letters, flowers or minature spacemen. Also it might be used to thicken stews and casseroles
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Thank you soo much im just really confused on what to revsie and how to revise for food any suggestions btw great help thank you

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its okay, well im in year 10 and we are starting our gcse coursework in two weeks time, so im not really sure but I have some resources about different things like dairy products, standard components etc ;

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